$ 109.00

Xico is a figure of a xoloitzcuintle, a native Mexican dog which was valued as a god by Aztecs and otheråÊMexican cultures. The name Xico comes from the origin of the country Mexico.åÊ

The symbolism of Xico, comes from stories inåÊAztec mythologyåÊ, which show the xoloitzcuintle guiding its master's soul through obstacles , and helps his master to reach their final destination. A symbol of strength and guidance, Cristina Pineda's Xico has rapidly become the mascot of Mexico.åÊ

Each Xico is 100% original. There are no two Xicos in the world alike. Their and painted designs make these Xico ornaments truly a piece of art in itself. Encompassing heritage, craftsmanship and culture into one figurine.

Sculpture is 17 cm high (6.7 inches)