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Xico is a figure of a xoloitzcuintle, a native Mexican dog which was valued as a god by Aztecs and other Mexican cultures. The name Xico comes from the origin of the country Mexico. 

The symbolism of Xico, comes from stories in Aztec mythology , which show the xoloitzcuintle guiding its master's soul through obstacles , and helps his master to reach their final destination. A symbol of strength and guidance, Cristina Pineda's Xico has rapidly become the mascot of Mexico. 

Each Xico is 100% original. There are no two Xicos in the world alike. Their and painted designs make these Xico ornaments truly a piece of art in itself. Encompassing heritage, craftsmanship and culture into one figurine.

Sculpture is 17 cm high (6.7 inches)